Mary Lynne, Toronto Lactation Consultant

Mary Lynne Biener, IBCLC

Before forming the The Breastfeeding Collective with Maria and Alex, Mary Lynne has had a long and varied career providing counselling and support to diverse communities, dating back to the mid-90s. Prior to her studies in lactation at the International Breastfeeding Centre in 2009, Mary Lynne had worked in various counselling roles at The Assaulted Women’s Helpline, The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Rape, and the Psychiatric Dis/Abilities Program at York University. Mary Lynne became an IBCLC in 2011 and worked for many years in various roles, including Lactation Consultant, at the International Breastfeeding Centre. She was also part of the research team for the groundbreaking study entitled "Transmasculine individuals’ experiences with lactation, chestfeeding, and gender identity: a qualitative study”, published in 2016 in BMC Pregnancy. 

Mary Lynne is passionate about providing excellent care. Her definition of success is that the people she serves feel heard, supported, and come away from the session with information and options tailored to their individual needs. 

Aside from all this, Mary Lynne has an eclectic bunch of interests that include her motorcycle, gardening, rock and roll, and an ever-growing collection of pastimes and amusements that have nothing to do with breastfeeding.  She has a really cool and funny kid named Grace and has been married to a drummer named John for over a decade.

Alex, Toronto Lactation Consultant

Alex Thompson, IBCLC

Alex's interest in breastfeeding began after completing her training in dietetics in 2010. She sought additional education and training at the International Breastfeeding Centre in Toronto and working with breastfeeding families quickly became her passion and the focus of her career.

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2013, Alex has had the pleasure of working with thousands of dyads. She knows that breastfeeding isn't always easy and the abundance of information and ideas about infant feeding can be overwhelming. She strives to understand each family's needs and goals in order to find sustainable solutions that help create an enjoyable breastfeeding relationship.

Alex lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter. In her spare time she enjoys knitting, shopping for vintage records, and playing golf.